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The User Interface has been completely revamped with an operation panel screen with smart-device-style operability. Operation has been simplified by narrowing down functions and screen transitions to frequently-used functions.

Easy-to-use, new operation panel design.

The operation panel features a new simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) design. Features including no hard keys and panel vibration feedback reflect familiar smart devices and enable easy use of a variety of IT services. Simplicity of operation has been achieved by concentrating on frequently-used functions to minimise functions and screen transitions.

Switchable GUI operation panel with a choice of two panel styles

The user can switch between two panel styles as required: the new GUI Basic Style characterised by simple operation, and the conventional Classic Style utilising advanced settings and functions.

User friendly, large 10.1-inch touch panel

The 10.1-inch panel has been newly developed from the customer’s perspective. It delivers better legibility and ease of operation for enhanced work efficiency. The multitouch feature enables smooth, intuitive tablet-like operation.

Panel vibration assists operation

Touching the panel triggers vibration feedback, assisting panel operation by users who are visually impaired.

Adjustable tilt operation panel

The operation panel can be freely tilted to a maximum 90° to suit individual users. Movement is stiffer when tilting backwards, to accommodate touch panel use, while it can be smoothly adjusted with light pressure when tilting forward.

Indicator lights

bizhub C360i series has adopted new LED lights that gently harmonise with the office environment. The LEDs are located in front of the MFP. Data light indicates data receipt or accumulation, and print light reminds users to collect the document from output tray.

Encrypted SSD

bizhub C360i series adopts a new 256GB encrypted SSD for heightened security functions. With very few device compatibility problems, and with full-time encryption, this constantly maintains a high level of security with no fuss.

Secure printing

By setting a password for documents on the printer driver screen, the document is stored on the unit’s SSD until the same password is input into the unit’s operation panel. The document is protected without being output until the password set for that document is matched. This is useful when you wish to output a vital document or give permission for limited users to receive copies.

Various types of user authentication

Optimal authentication systems can be customised to suit office scale and pre existing systems. bizhub C360i series also supports single sign-on (SSO) which enhances operability without sacrificing security.

  • Main unit authentication

Authentication can be performed through the bizhub alone. It is also possible to set detailed usage restrictions for functions, including copy, print, scan and fax*. *Requires Fax Kit FK-514 option.

  • Non-contact IC card authentication

Non-contact IC cards*1 such as FeliCa can be used to authenticate users*2. This also supports SSFC ( S h a re d S e c u r i t y Fo rma t s C o o p e ra t i o n ) specifications which enable integration of staff authentication with authentication systems. Apart from non-contact IC cards, authentication can also be carried out on NFC-compatible Android devices*3. *1 Non-contact IC cards are compatible with FeliCa (IDm), SSFC, FCF, FCF (Campus) and MIFARE (UID). *2 Requires the IC card authentication device AU-201S option. *3 Requires an Android device later than Android 4.4, compatible with HCE (Post Card Emulation), and Konica Minolta Mobile Print.

  • Biometric authentication

Highly accurate authentication is possible using finger veins. It’s easy, and also enables the building of high-level security systems. *Requires Biometric Authentication Device AU-102 option, and Working Table WT-506 option.

Virus scanning

bizhub C360i series is equipped with robust antivirus software based on an embedded BitDefender scan engine to ensure safe connection to the MFP by the cloud, and to devices including PCs, tablets, and USB flash drives. Scanning individual files means much finer virus detection than with the whitelist method alone. Latent viruses in the office are discovered through checking and notification when files are input. Checking when files are output from the MFP also prevents dissemination of infected files. Further periodic checking of files in the MFP discovers risky files and detects latent risks in the MFP. Real time virus scan jobs are available for print, scan and fax functions, while manual or scheduled virus scans are possible for Box and SSD such as SMB folders. *Requires i-Option LK-116.

Animated guide

The animated guide demonstrates procedures such as handling paper jams and replenishing consumables. Following the instructions displayed on the operation panel ensures smooth operation.

Web browser function

bizhub C360i series supports a web browser function. Websites can be displayed on the operation panel and printed out. Pages in PDF files on the website can be specified and only the required sections printed. This is very handy, allowing easy printing such as of destination maps from the site.

High-performance quad-core CPU

A high performance Cortex A72 CPU Quad Core 1.6 GHz CPU improves overall system performance. The extra CPU cores mean efficient parallel processing of applications, and seamless operation of cloud applications even during basic MFP’s processing functions such as copying and printing.

Shorter warm-up time

The warm-up time, from powering up to printing is kept within 13 seconds. First Copy Out Time, from when the copy button is pressed until the first copy prints, is 6.1 seconds or less. Panel reset time has also shortened greatly to about 1.2 seconds.


Equipped with advanced functions for colour MFPs.Both Copy and Print functions exhibit outstanding performance.

A wide range of paper feed options

Paper stack capacity for the standard main unit tray and multi manual feed is 1,150 sheets. Installing optional paper stack cabinets enables a maximum of 3,650 sheets. Further installing a large capacity paper stack unit achieves a maximum volume of 6,650 sheets*. Reducing paper tray refill frequency cuts downtime. *When the paper stack cabinet PC-416 option and the large capacity paper stack unit LU-302 option are installed.

Multifunctional finisher

Depending on the objective, users can select four types of finish that are automatically processed by the multifunctional finisher, including booklet making, tri-folding, stapling and hole-punching. In addition to high-speed output, this function allows in-house production of a variety of outputs and finishes.

Paper feed and manual feed trays

bizhub C360i series’ first level and second level (standard) paper trays can both handle irregular-sized paper enabling set up of a wider range of paper.

Enhanced 1,200 dpi resolution

bizhub C360i series achieves a 1,200-dpi print resolution with superb ability to reproduce small font sizes and fine lines. Such faithful reproduction capability improves document legibility and produces beautiful, high-quality print-outs.

Banner print function

Using the optional Banner Paper Guide enables banner printing up to 1,200 mm. This is ideal for creating POP or banners.. *Installation of the MK-730 Banner Paper Guide option is recommended.

Standard USB port

A USB port is standard equipment, located on the side of the main unit’s operation panel. After inserting a USB flash drive, printing procedures pop up in the touch screen, and the flash drive data can be directly printed or saved to a box in the unit with a few easy steps. *May not operate correctly depending on the type of USB flash drive. * Supported file formats: PDF, compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, compact XPS, and OOXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx). * Printing results may differ from the image on the PC screen.

Email RX Print

Files can be easily printed out by attaching them to an email and sending it to the machine’s email address. *Supported file formats: PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, Compact XPS, and OOXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx). * Requires i-Option LK-110 v2.


The Scan functions deliver high performance and high functionality from speed, quality and distribution to storage

Outstanding scan performance

Automatic duplex, simultaneous scanning with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), achieves high-speed scanning of 200 ppm (100 double-sided sheets per minute). Up to 100 sheets* can be set at any one time, significantly reducing scanning time and effort. The precision of automatic skew correction, which adjusts the angle of the scanned original, has been greatly improved to deliver highly accurate scanning with less skew. *When equipped with the Automatic Document Feeder DF-714 option. *80gsm paper.

Double feed detection sensor

Applying ultrasonic waves to the original distinguishes a layer of air between each page and detects double feeds. When a double feed is detected, a preview of the original that has already been scanned will be displayed so that the job can be restarted without repeating the whole scanning operation from the beginning. **When equipped with the optional Automatic Document Feeder DF-714.

Paper Size Measurement function

This function automatically measures irregular-sized paper placed on the platen glass. The size of the measured paper can also be registered in the bizhub’s memory. It can be utilised in offices that handle irregular paper sizes like slips and vouchers.

Scan to URL function

Equipped with a Scan to URL function which stores Scan data within the bizhub, then emails the storage destination URL to the user. This enables easy transmission of large volume data that cannot be attached to emails.

Digitisation of paper documents

Documents can be scanned and converted to PDF or OOXML format files. File format can be selected according to the business and intended use, which broadens the scope of secondary use.


Offers a new workstyle through advanced connectivity with mobile devices.

Mobile communications function

  • Connectivity with NFC-equipped Android devices

The operation panel has amobile touch area compatiblewithNFC-equipped devices. Installing Konica Minolta Mobile Print on Android devices allows that device to be registered to bizhub. Just holding the Android device over the mobile touch area enables the selectedfile tobeprinted.Originals setinbizhubcanalsobe scannedand saved to Android devices or cloud storage. Where user authentication is enabled,just holding the Android device nearby allows log in. *Requires the Android device to be equipped with OS4.4 or later. *Requires a wireless LAN environment

Bluetooth LE connectivity with iOS devices

Using Bluetooth LE(lowenergy),a bizhub close to the user can be searched and registered with Konica Minolta Mobile Print. As it is also supported with the iOS action button, printing and scan data sharing from various applications can be smoothly executed. Further, where user authentication is enabled, Bluetooth LE can be used to log in. *Requires the device connection I/F kit EK-609 option. *Requires wireless LAN environment.

Wireless LAN(AP Mode)

bizhub C360i series supports Simple AP Mode*, which easily creates a local wireless LAN environment with only the bizhub allowing a wireless LAN to be built separately from the company LAN. Because it bypasses the company LAN, even mobile devices brought in from out side can be securely connected. *Requires Upgrade Kit UK-221 option.


A range of environmental considerations made, from outer case materials to power consumption.

Mobile communications function

Konica Minolta has further refined our original chemical processing technology, which now uses recycled PC/PET with PCR* ratio increased to about 70% for MFP exterior materials, and recycled ABS resin with a ratio increased to about 95% for interior materials. As a result, use of recycled materials has increased to about 35% as a ratio by weight of the main unit’s total resin volume, and up to about 88% as a surface area ratio. Proactive adoption of recycled materials contributes to effective use of resources and promotes corporate environmental protection. *PCR (post-consumer recycling) ratio: is the proportion of materials collected in the municipality used in recycled material

0.5W sleep mode power consumption

Power saving logic has been improved, including turning off the CPU during sleep mode, to reduce sleep mode power consumption to 0.5W. In addition to helping reduce environmental impact, this is also effective in reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) *Wide-ranging environmental compatibility. Compliant with various environmental standards

Wide-ranging environmental compatibility. Compliant with various environmental standards

To address environmental issues such as global warming, our products are compatible with global environmental standards, including the International Energy Star Program which aims to develop and introduce highly energy-efficient office equipment.


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